Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
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i think i've eaten my weight in popcicles today, trying to keep cool.

that, coupled with the zillions of gallons of water i've drank and the fact that it's day 2 1/2 of my period...

... i'm bloated like a dead pig.

i can almost feel my stomach sway baaack and forth, baaaack and forth, with every step i take.

mom remarked to me that it's MUCH hotter in phoenix, and how i could handle 110 degree weather fine.

i said, 'yes, mom, but in arizona, AIR CONDITIONING IS A LAW. IT IS A RIGHT.'

if you have a/c here, you are almost treated as a respected and revered member of society.

i'm so very hot and so very brain dead because of it, and i waaant to take a shower, but i'm afraid i'm going to melt down the drain if i do. and i know that the result will still be the same when i climb out.


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