Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

grr. bark. bark. grr.

my left eye is all dried up, from sitting directly next to a big box fan all day.

on the EverCrack front, on the ... Aeshan Ro? A something Ro server, my beastlord, Adiitu, is now level 8. One more level til i get spells. rock.

on the Veeshan server:

my beloved Druid, Ruiana, is now level 24. Having wolf-form rocks my world. Ring spells make my life spoiled.
my rogue, Aubriee, is still level 6.
my cleric, Rtheni, is still level 5... i think. maybe 6.
my ranger, Elenindreida, is still level 2.
my paladin, Adiine, is still level 1.

so.. if you are on those servers, ad me as a friend :)

and i think that people should take EverQuest Ettiquette classes before they EVER try to group. or play, period. i hate rude people, that just come up to me, and say "i need SoW." pfeh?!? don't we all? so go make a druid. then, after you work your arse off to get to lvl 14, you can have SoW, just like me. you turd.

and i do NOT join a group to play hide-and-seek. i join to go IN A GROUP, to where we will kill things. lots of things. make them bleeeeed. get possibly loot. get possibly coin. definitely get exp. i do not join groups to stand in one place for a half hour while you coordinate your ass. this can be waived, should there be more in the group than you and i. sometimes.

i had a guy want to group with me continuously. i would join, he would go tell a druid to give us buffs (i tried donating, but he refused), and while i was getting my buffs, would run to the OTHER SIDE OF THE ZONE to kill things. um, yeah. so my thorns are wearing off as i'm hunting for your ass. he then would go down into dungeons where our little lvl 6 characters would DEFINITELY get killed in a nanosecond. and then freak out on me when i couldn't get the train off him. pheh.

my second group, we sat. and sat. and sat. they finally said 'i need to go sell.' *stares* yeeeeah. i'll be inside killing things, should you need me. then one comes back and asks me for things, i. e. anything that i can have to give him to sell, or money?


*aubrey needs one life*

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