Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

to display my dorkiness that much more...

speaking of, i've had ALL sorts of loooovemakin dreams lately with guys like logan cale and riley finn!!

the dream last night, riley and i had been long term boyfriend/girlfriend,
and we were first starring in some horror flick, and all were bringing all
our stuff to an old abandoned place where we knew we would die, but we were
cheery about it.. then it turned into that riley and i were hosting some
family reunion type thing at our house, an aunt of someone's was turning
like 75 or something like that, she kept wobbling round the house in a
senile state, and everyone ignored her. he and i kept trying to find a
place to mess around, but kept getting interrupted by people wondering where
the can opener was, or where do we keep the washcloths?!

after showing someone to the loo, i turned around, and someone said he was
going to sleep. i found him on the floor between a coffee table and the
couch (someone was sleepign on the couch), and i sat on him, and said 'what
the hell do you think you're doing?!?' he said "it's never going to happen,
and i'm tired.' i got mad that he got me all riled up (ha. no pun
intended), and said i refused to let him sleep. i told him we would find a
closet somewhere, i would get him off if he got me off. he got all happy
and agreed and picked me up..

.. and someone freaking knocked on our front door.


i woke up in a BAAAD mood, needless to say.

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