Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

first set of questions, by raindancer_x

1. what made you cringe in horror at age 5?

the toilet. i'm absolutely serious. when i was 5, we had a toilet that would frequently overflow, and for some reason, this terrified the holy hell out of me. until we moved, i began a 'flush and flee' regimin, everytime i went dinky or doodie.

2. what stuffed animal could you NOT sleep without?

i had a stuffed Grover. From Seseme Street. Solid head, solid body, octopus like legs and arms, in indigo wonderfulness, with the biggest red beak. i loved that thing. *sniffle* i lost him at around age 7, and didn't sleep with a stuffed animal again until job corps, where i had a stuffed Furball (from Tiny Toons.. the cat with the bad luck?).. even took him to the valentines dance, i did. *nod* and after him, a stuffed Wakko doll, which is still around here sooomewhere. i guess a friend found Grover's 'body' when they were rummaging around debris after they had torn down the house.

3. what was your favorite childhood underwear?

this is easy. my Wonder Woman Underoos. I even have a pic of me posing in them somewhere.

4. who was your first celebrity crush?

when i was 4, i was convinced i was going to grow up and marry one of two people: John Schneider from The Dukes of Hazzard, or the lead singer of The Bay City Rollers. Unless you count that i used to kiss President Carter on the tv screen every time he came on.

5. do you think i'm sexy (come on baby, let me know..)

oh, honee, words cannot express.

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