Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

yeah, yeah, so i'm a lemming.

Pick 10 people from your friends list and say something about them, without them ever knowing it's them:

1) You're quite chatty, but i always find something to say in reply :) since you live in the area, maybe i'll get the opportunity to see if you're as chatty in person, and if i can keep up then?

2) We've been on and off each other's friends list. Although I don't know much about you yet, you certainly have piqued my interest. I must read on :D

3) wow. you and i became quite close over the last year, through many trials and tribulations. we kept each other sane during the work week, through happiness and sorrow, and with many cartoon dogs. i couldn't have done it without you.

4) hrm. we found each other through a common musical interest. we lost each other for awhile, but found each other again. much time has passed, and i don't know you as well anymore, though i look forward to learning more in the future.

5) awww! you were one of my firstest friends ever! an amazing human being with tons of raw talent, i wish you nothing but the moon and the stars and all your dreams in the future :)

6) brand spankin new friend! you're so cute! *pinches cheeks* i think we have potential to be friends in the future! hell, we have many friends alike, so it's a bloomin miracle we didn't 'meet' before now!

7) you are one of my oldest lj friends, too. we used to be much closer, tho sadly, we've grown apart, which makes my heart hurt. i know that you've had a rough year, but i'm quite happy that things seem to be looking up. you certainly deserve it, hun.

8) thanks for kicking me in the arse when i need it. i look forward go doing more girlie things with you in the future!!

9) i don't know much about you, either, but know this: if you hurt my friend, i will hunt you down and cook your innards like fried chicken!!! *evil glare* but you seem quite cool, too. hell, if my friend likes you, you can't be all that bad! *wink*

10) i have SO been meaning to read more up on you. you crack me up. you have class. you just plain rock. *note to self*

11) you helped to awaken me spiritually, though you probably don't realize that. though we don't talk much, i don't take that lightly, and you will always have a special place in my heart because of it.

12) great taste in men. whoooee, do you have great taste in (celebrity) men. which is what drew me to you in the first place *evil grin* and you're a cat person. which definitely scores with me!

13) we've been friends for a long time, too. lj friends, at least. i see you as a sort of fly on the wall, because you almost never say anything, but it means a lot to me that you're still here.

14) plainly put, and i know that no matter how i put this in here, you will know who you are. you are the sister i never had. i got your hand-me-downs, while our mothers smoked pot and got us high before taking us to the county fair, when we were just wee ones. you were there since my beginnings, and i hope to know and love you til the end.

15) you're such a wee one (in comparison to my old old age *giggle*). you have the whole world before you, and you don't even realize it. i understand that living with your parents can be frustrating, and it's something that you'll have to deal with for some time, but LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE AHEAD. years full of intrigue, mystery, and excitement. cherish every moment of it.

16) i didn't think that you liked me anymore. i thought you had left me. i was saddened by this, but it turned out that you were just hiding, waiting for me with a precious gift. thank you.

17) i. don't. know. what to say to you. i hear things about you, but will never leave you (unless you do something bad to me.) drama covers you like a shroud. learn to live your life for you, and by your efforts alone.

18) i hurt you badly, and you don't even know it. and i'm sorry. because you're such a wonderful friend when i felt i had none, which makes my regret even more. just please know that I DIDN'T KNOW at the time.

19) you i'm still trying to figure out. cutesy one second, barbaric and rude the next. but i like having you around :) for now.

20) good luck with college next year! cheer up, the fun is just beginning!!!!

(editors note: i had planned on cutting it down to only 10, but as i got going, i realized how many friends i have, and decided to do the 20 like everyone else.)

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