Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

next line o questions, from lordrexfear

1.) You're at karaoke, and they tell you you have to do 3 songs, but without the monitor or vocal back-up. Which three do you choose to go nuts on?

prolly "come on eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners, followed by "love and affection" by nelson, and then catch them from behind with my loverly alanis impersonation with "you oughtta know" (or "so pure", if they have it!)

2.) Little Pony, Care Bears, Popples, Snorks or the Smurfs. It's a birthday party, which of these is the theme?

eesh. if i HAVE to choose one of them for a theme for the entire party, it would prolly be carebears. no, scratch that, prolly the snorks or smurfs. because i have boy guests to cater too as well, and i couldn't picture big, burly chris sitting there with a pink unicorn hat or bib.

3.) Sloan (in their last ever appearance) and Jellyfish (amazingly coming back together one last time as Manning, Sturmer, Falkner, Smith AND Dover) both have the concert coming up on the same night, at the same time, you can afford to go, but of course you are forced to choose. Which do you go to?

in a heartbeat? jellyfish. why? because i've travelled far to see them twice already (once flying to d.c., once driving to l.a.), and i've never even had the opportuntity to see jellyfish in MOTION, let alone with all the original greats! *faints*

4.) More personal: When Jesse first came out, how did it affect you, multi-layered.

growing up, my brother was always flamboyant. my friends (especially one that came out to me earlier) kept saying he was gay. i said naw, naw, naw, he's just feminine, because he grew up around only mom and me, and didn't have a masculine role model. he came out to me when he was 18, and i had come up to bring him to move to phoenix with me. the way he was all serious and freaking out, i thought he had KILLED someone. "aubrey? if i tell you something, do you promise NEVER to tell mom? i mean NEV. ER. mother could NEEEVER FIND OUT. if she finds out, i will KILL you." (course mom knows now. and that's a funny other story.) what did i feel? hurt, at first, i guess. that this was something that he had kept from me for sooo very long, and that he hadn't felt comfortable telling me, although we were best friends. i also felt... weirded out a bit, like i suddenly had this person in front of me, that i thought i knew, but i didn't really know at all. and it was WEIRD getting used to talking about boys with him. now, everything is fine (shortly after the coming outting, i was fine). the only tinge of sadness i get is that i may never get to be an aunt. but he assures me that will still happen :)

5.)Which serial killer do you find most fascinating? Honestly, ANYONE can answer this one.

i find so many of them fascinating, really. how they perceived the world so differently, how something in their brains was just. not. right., to where they had to go and do such heinous deeds.

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