Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

next set o questions answered for your reading, uh.. pleasure..

these are from my newest dear, pigri!

1. what suckered you in to the pigri experience?

I saw your wonderful lil pigri icon all over the place in quite a few of my friends posts, and wondered what the hype was about :) so i peeked in your journal and felt i needed to get in on some of that hawt pigri action!

2- who is your favorite poet, novelist, and dramatist?

eek. my tasts change like the wind. actually, they change about as often as i change my undies. so.. i guess for today, i would say Poe, Jordan, and Shakespear.

3- who would direct the movie of your life if it were a comedy? a drama? who would play you?

lol - if anything was ever done about my life, it would probably be a satire all the way :) either way, it would probably be rob reiner. in the funny sad way that he made Stand By Me, he would ake everyone through my life from being a small girl living with a mom with an over-the-top party lifestyle and the quirks it gave me as an adult (read: need years of therapy, but is too stubborn to get any). me: janeane garofalo. my brother: seth green. there IS no one else. you'll laugh. you'll cry. you'll need therapy yourself.

4- if money were no issue, where is the next place you want to visit?

somewhere, just about anywhere overseas. i've been confined to mostly the states for my whole life, and there is SO much out there to experience, so many different cultures to learn about. i feel quite stunted because, although i've seen more of the states in one year than most people see their whole lives, it's not even a drop in the bucket of what's possible.

5- who was your first kiss? what was it like?

course, you would have to ask this one! *giggle* i was quite naive, it was the summer immediately before my freshman year in high school. he coo-ed me over to his friends house, saying he was in a band, so my best friend and i went. it happened on a blanket in front of his friends house, in front of God and everyone. it was.. overbearing, i guess? he seemed.. HUNGRY! lol! not the most pleasurable experience.

when school started 2 weeks later, he broke up with me. i only found out because of people at school that i never even hung out with overhearing me say something about my boyfriend, and when they found out who, said 'oh. he said he broke up with you two weeks ago.'

fast forward to yeeeears later. he is the same guy that narc'ed my mom off for selling him a teensy amount of crystal (he got busted and narc'ed her off to save his ass). the friends house whose front yard we made out in? we've been best friends ever since.

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