Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

pride was funnish yesterday :) it was a lot more fun after i replaced every cell of water in my body with beer. course, no matter HOW much i drank, it couldn't even BEGIN to match the drunkenness of brosley!

there was a booth where you could buy stickers with words on it, so i decided to mix and match. so, in BRIGHT NEON COLORS, on my stomach, i was walking around with


which i thought was pretty clever, in my inebriated state. i got lots of.. odd... looks. one VERY tall, EXTREMELY frightening woman said to me when i was walking around looking for the people i came with (i was aw awone.), in a very deep voice "siiiiiingle, huuuuuuuuh? what's yoooooour name?!? iiiiii'm danielllllle!"

later on, in the beer tents, after finding my brother, this.. woman? came up to me.. she was the biggest, buffest thing that i have ever seen in my life. her guns would literally put Ahnold's to shame! gave me a dirty look, and said "i'm single. i'm taking your sticker." and ripped it off me. her cutesy little friend in a strawbery shortcake hoody said "*giggle* and i'm a baby dyke! *riiiiip*"

i felt so... violated. i knew exactly how cinderella felt when her step sisters discovered the pearls and the bows on her dress and just started ravaging her.


so then i was just plain feisty.

but i wasn't about to do a thing, because Ahnolda would have twisted me up and used me to clean her ears.

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