Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

next line of questions, from my dearest jaddziadax

what is the most disguesting bug ever?

i cannot stand anything that has more than four legs. and if you take a cockroach and rip off two of its legs and then hand it to me, i'll break every bone in your body. once the screaming stops.

how are babies made?

if you don't know this by now, read a book. or have a long talk with your mommy or daddy. ;)

although i used to believe that if two people saw each other naked, the girl would become pregnant. i was old (for some) when i realized exactly what happened when people conceived, and i was at that stage where i would giggle heinously anytime that someone would say 'do it' or 'hump' (9 1/2). and when i found out that my PARENTS did it, and that III came out of THERE... i almost became sick.

do i look fat?

only in the way that a pencil is fat.

hehheeh ummm...

what is your most fummiest metaphor for cramps?

heh heh.. i'll leave that up to my readers.

and sweetie?!? that's only four questions!!! you owe me one!

oh, and..

Thanks so much, nasagirl for your gift! It means the world!

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