Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

oh, and i've been noticing from talking to people that there was some misconception regarding where i moved to. everyone knows i moved from phoenix, that's easy enough. as far as where i've moved TO, i've been hearing seattle, british columbia, oregon... so, to clear it all up, once and for all...

*deeeeep breath*

i moved to vancouver, washington, which i know sounds like its just south of the canadian border, much like kansas city, kansas, is right across the river from kansas city, missouri. but it's actually a suburb of portland, oregon, on the complete other side of the state as the canadian border. so, when you hear anything about portland, that is me, more or less. not seattle. i grew up in this area (well, 45 min north of here), and have only been to seattle once in my entire life, when i was 15. my mommy gave me $5 to spend. i changed busses a lot in seattle, when i was going to job corps up about 5 miles south of canada, but it was north of spokane that i was going to school. when i go to clubs and events, i drive across the columbia river (which is, i think approx. less than 2 miles from my front door) to oregon to go to portland :)

*another deep breath*

any questions?

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