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okay... why... in the world... did i go to sleep last night and everything is fine..

and then i wake up this morning, and MY JOURNAL FONT IS FOUR MILLION TIMES ITS NORMAL SIZE?!?

but just on the info/profile/reply pages, not the journal itself?!?

i think my info page could be read from space! although i sit in a chair an itty bit from the monitor (about an arm length and a half away), i still have to back up to read everything, cuz it's so flipping large.

on another note, i realized that i had spent entirely too long as an unemployed citizen, when i actually heard the following words uttered from my mouth:

"huh. for Rose and Lily to be stuck down a well, they sure haven't been showing much of them lately."


i've also heard myself mutter the following:

"huh. from cute commando on buffy to debonaire doctor here, huh?"
"so.. did paul and cricket ever hook up?"
"did they manage to stop the wedding yet?!? they can't marry, they're FIRST COUSINS! just tell jill that her mother's brock's mother, and stop the two from marrying!!"
"i wonder which doctor is poisoning all the patients?!?"
"so, has she realized the psychic is talking about the guy that looks like her dead husband yet?"
"Dusty isn't responsible!! can't they SEE that?!?"
"wait wait wait!! no, turn it back, dr. phil was going to let us know WHY they talk to their children that way!!"
"ooh, i would SO love to be in oprah's audience! lookit all the cute stuff they get!"
"she's not going to take him BACK, is she? he made out with her DAUGHTER on their wedding day!!"

yeah. aubrey needs to find a job.

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