Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo


3 hours down, six to go.

i had fun aiming last night for the first time in, what, 14 or 15 months? i got to gab with nikkiegirl, iicarrii, talkingpotato, forestdweller, aubreymcfate, as well as joe and greg and some other wonderful people :D. i had forgotten how wonderful using one's time to do nothing could be :D. made me realize how easy and simple it would be to squander my funds into onlineness at home. if this huuuuge transaction goes through like i hope it will, i just may be able to pay off the qwest bastards and hook meself back up :) so i can spend MORE useless time on the puter at home and ensuring a higher percentage of arthritis and carpal tunnel when i get older ;) not to mention back problems from hunching over the keyboard like a regular quasimodo :)

i'm trying to remember my dreams, they're floating just out of my grasp. i have feelings and emotions that were tagged along with it, but... i was PLANNING on studying my dream analysis work books again this weekend, but it sorta never happened. *shrug* maybe someday, folks.

on another note, forestdweller posted in her journal that she pulled an aubkabob.




that should give you (and me) an idea of just how i am having an effect on society. i'm now part of people's vocabulary, as an active noun. "i pulled an aubrey today." "heh. you totally did an aubkabob just now."

and, in retrospect, it seems like most of these incidences involve people in public places mumbling to themselves and inadvertantly involving others in oddities.

go me.
Tags: aubreyisms, social

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