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bored and energetic.. freakish combination...

dinking around on lj trying to figure out how to switch from the S2 back to the S1 (and not sure if i wanted to do it), i found out all sorts of nifty things, like the ability to pull up my friendsfriends page ;D so i think i shall play with that for awhile.

*as chipper as a kitten with a string*

and the domain subscription thingie. quite nifty. even more comics on my friends list to have great fun with :D

i had coffee today. this was the first time i've had a bona fide cup of coffee (other than a half regular, half decalf cup i had while out with secret_ninja the other week.) i forgot how much caffeine seems to put me in a better mood. having that jolt of caffeine in the morning to kick me in the arse works SO much faster than waiting for myself to wake up on my own (naturally, that happens at about 9 pm.) i don't want to become hooked again. but i feel that caffeinated aubrey is so much more.. pleasant and chipper.. than decaffeinated aubrey.

now, to actually DO something with this pent up energy before i explode. laundry must be done. cleansing must be completed. maybe i'll write a symphony on my geetar, or hop on EQ and kill an entire orc camp with my bare hands *cackles like a barbarian*


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