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looniest 'tunes' of all..

in 'talking' with elysiangirl, i saw in her post a reference to one of my most favoritest looney toons cartoon ever, with daffy duck as robin hood, and porky pig as friar tuck?? anyone know ALL the words that daffy sings to that song while he's strumming his lute?!? i remember the "we'll trip along merrily... something something so gracefully! we'll trip and trip and trip and trip and triiip it up and dooown..."

which made me sing back to her the old theme song that i also don't remember all the words to, the "overture, dim the lights! this is it, the night of nights! we're all rehearsing and hearsing our parts, we know every part by heart! blahdy blah, blahdy blah! this is it! we'll hit the heights! and oh, what heights we'll hit! on with the show, this is it!" (and i may be wrong on many accounts of that...)

which also made me think of the theme song that they had for like one year only for their saturday morning show, and how NO ONE seems to remember it. the only thing i remember is "bugs is hot, the coyote's not, and the road runner go go goes. and he goes beep beep beep beep, oooh mama mama, bu bu bu bu bu bu bugs." or am i just goofy here?! (woops. goofy? wrong cartoon. i'll be daffy then.)

what other loony toons songs do you know any of the words to?!? like i remember some of the 'kill the wabbit' one, like 'oh brunhilda, you're so lovely!' 'yes i know it, i can't help it!' and from the barber one, where he sings 'yes, you're next. yooooou're so next.' (which i sing frequently, but no one else seems to remember, either *humph*)

anybody?!? huh huh huh?!? help me out here! work with me, and maybe, we'll have an animaniacs singalong later!

"we surf the seas
the Warners we three be
to catch a gaze
on the beach to catch some rays.
we'll never sink,
our board's not what you think
it's got a tail
in fact, it iiiiis a whale!
yes, brothers Warner we
and the warner sister
you'd like her if you kissed her
we've searched the seven seas
now it's time to catch some zzzz's! hey!"


Jun. 23rd, 2003 06:30 am (UTC)
Course, I COULD sing all of "Rabbit of Seville" or "What's Opera, Doc?"

Many others....
Daffy's Sitter song? (when he works for a babysitting service...)
Life is bitter for I’m a sitter
And put little kiddies to bed
While I tuck the sheet around their feet
They’re busy slapping my head
They throw their trains and rattle my brains
My head is full of dents
No wonder I’m sour it goes on by the hour
And each hour I earn fifty cents

There's the one from that short Bugs did versus the Opera Singer, Giovanni Jones ...
(Bugs w/ banjo)
What do they do on a rainy night in Rio
Rinky dinky dink
What do they do when there is no starry sky
Oh a starry sky
Where do they go when they can't go for a walk
Do they stay home and talk
Or do they sit and sigh, igh-de-igh
(interrupted by Giovanni Jones practicing his opera singing)
(Jones) What do they do in Mississippi
When skies are drippy
(Bugs) And what do they do in Tiajuana
When they want to snuggle tight

(Bugs w/ Harp)
She's a fancy stepper when she dances
Go and see her as she kippers and prances
My gal don't do much talking
Dances even when she's walking
(Jones ad libs) One and two and three and four she dances all day long
(Bugs) Oh my gal is a high part stepper
Ginger with salt and pepper
She's a fancy stepper when she dances
Go and see her as she kippers and prances

Should I stop...?

Jun. 25th, 2003 03:14 pm (UTC)

you frighten me.
Jun. 25th, 2003 06:01 pm (UTC)
You're welcome


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