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- so i hear i'm playing at dada. this pleases me greatly, as well as scares the holy hell outta me. guess i should practice a little more, and try to pull a couple of songs out of my ass by then?!? or at least LEARN more. there isn't a whole lotta songs i know how to play on my geetar, and i'm not sure how long i'll be expected (asked) to perform.

- one small note about not living by myself that is starting to DRIVE ME CRAZY. i sing. i sing a lot. to myself. i don't even realize i'm doing it. i just sing whatever comes to mind, should it be a commercial jingle, t.v. theme song, or something that someone said that reminded me of a song. anytime i even start HUMMING, mom tells me to quit it. i feel like my greatest outlet has been completely taken away from me. :(

- it's weird as hell living in a place where fireworks are legal again. this hasn't happened for me since 1995. the first few times that i heard firecrackers and mini fireworks outside my brothers window, not only did they scare me into peeing a little bit (not really, but i jumped out of my skin. i'm convinced there's claw marks on my brother's ceiling, and not from his last *ahem*), but i was convinced the cops would be there shortly. then i remembered i lived in the ghetto.

- i have a job interview tomorrow, at a staffing agency. i spent almost 5 hours last night sending out over 103 resumes via email. i also have an apartment complex i need to call with regards to working there fri's, sat's, and sun's.

- i haven't heard my dbacks mentioned ONCE since i moved, which saddens me more than i expected. the closest it came was seeing The Big Unit in that stupid deodorant commercial. *tsk, tsk*

- still a high of about 65. very overcast. rains off and on.

- kittens would be much cuter, if they didn't have fleas.

- after my loony toons post last night (thanks for the links, btw), i came to a better realization at what freaking GENIOUSES they were, back in the day. all these wonderful cartoons, and them all coming out around 1939 - 1950 or so. flipping brilliant.

We're the muskateers,
and we're very proud to say
that through the years
in the face of danger we have..
.. run away
but, hey, that's okay!
what would you expect for this take home pay?!?

"five times two divided by ten times one, that equals... what does that Equal?" - Yakko
"no. it's Sweet N Low." - Wakko

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