Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

muskateer role call!

okay, so i decided to work on this, because.. well, because... just because, mkay?!?

acid_leather - our dearest annoyingpixie sent me in your direction a couple of months ago. i prompty disappeared from the lj scene for a bit, and when i came back, you disappeared. so i haven't had a whole lot of opportunity to 'hang out' with you yet! because of pixie's amazing taste in people *breathes on fingernails and buffs on shirt sleeve*, i'm greatly looking forward to bonding with you more!

aditu - a brand new friend with AMAZING taste in literature! :D met recently via littledevi's journal. i really enjoy reading you, although, due to my dial up, i don't always comment! i definitely look forward to learning more about you!

alicenwndrln - you're freeping high-larious to hang out with, woman!! for someone that doesn't drink, you're the party of the town! i'm so glad that i got the opportunity to meet you! hopefully, we'll get to go on vacation again someday soon!

alildragonlover - i think of you as my friend in hiding ;) you're usually fairly quiet, but when you do something, or say something, what you have to contribute is beautiful. i love you.

allisunclaimed - my fellow ezralite that loves to laugh!! you've survived so much in your life, and i'm glad that things are much better for you in these recent years, than they were in days gone by. you definitely deserve it! *hugs* i admire your strength!

amyaustin - i always think of you as my 'Fuzzy gal! i had originally planned on going into the field that you're working in, so i love reading your escapades and such!

annoyingpixie - we have quite a few friends in common, mostly because you're wonderful enough to share them with me! :D I think that you and i could have so much fun out on the town together, if we lived in the same area! you rock, sistah!

anyela - i'm glad to see you posting a lot more as of late! back when i had my aubreystar journal, i was sad to see you disappear for so very long! i will always remember what you told me when we first met, that my name reminded you greatly of biking through the park on an autumn afternoon under the trees, wind in your hair :)

archiedavis - you are from the old aubreystar days, too.. i'm quite glad that you came to join me over here! you're a talented writer, and have this way of putting just about any experience into something absosmurfly enjoyable to read!

asillittle - my little fellow creekster and mandolinist!! perfect taste in music!! and in television!!! excellent combo! i'm quite glad that i met you on the creek boards!

atariprincess - you've never been anything but nice to me. you smile more than most anyone that i know :D i'm glad that things are getting better and looking up for you!

aubbieincognito - aubra aubra aubra! you and i so need to hang out more. i've only gotten to see you what, twice?!? since i've been here? and faetal says you're good people. and since i know ANDREA is good people (on smily days! lol!), then i know that YOU are good people. so, if you're ever bored, look me up, mkay?

aubreymcfate - my dearest jocelyn!! *blows kisses* you mean a lot to me, and you probably don't even realize it, since i don't comment much *bites lip*. stupid dial up, anyhow, makes me lazy!! i still have postcards and such that you sent me, which brightened my day immensely! im very happy to have you in my life, my ray o sunshine!

autumnfinn - Get Fuzzy. MST3K. Guster. Sarcasm. Need i say more?!? you're a great read, as well!!!

okee, that's it for the "a's"!! stay tuned for more, once i get around to it!! :D

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