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last night was... interesting...

i got to play at The Arnada, although i didn't think they would have time to fit me in.

so, they fit me in between a Weezer cover band, and a band that would make thrash metal look like barry manilow. just me and my acoustic guitar. as the thrash metal plus band set up their marshall stacks behind me.



let's discuss this 'open mic' thing. in phoenix, most establishments will not let more than 2 people take the stage at the same time. i remember being in The Vacant Stairs, and not knowing if they would let three of us up there at once, even though most of our material was acoustic.

for the last two weeks, entire BANDS have come to open mic. last week, Thrash Metal Plus (i think they're called cowboy shotgun?) was even yelling at the crowd, saying to sod off because this wasn't even a PERFORMANCE for them, just a practice. the couple of weeks before, they had rap. now.. i respect people and their personal outlets for creativity and all, BUT, i also feel that when you go to a certain establishment for a certain ambience, that there should be certain criteria to be able to perform at said functions. 3 weeks ago, one of the 'rap artists' was a dj with a bunch of records and two turn tables. nothing spectacular or fancy in between, just playing records, while he and two of his guy friends stood on stage and sang along with them. not into a mic, mind you, just stood up there and bopped around, singing to the records. they were on stage for AN HOUR.

are all open mic establishments like this in the portland/vancouver area?!? where else IS there, that may stick a little more to the idea of open mic?!?

i honestly feel that by allowing the full blown bands, especially the two bands that were there last night, each that played AN HOUR or more, that they are going to alienate more of the people that go there for open mic, than they will if they set down barriers as to who gets to play.

but other than not being able to TALK to them all night, i still had fun with brosely, faetal, raygunzero, and jadisan!!

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