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hammers, and knifes, and GE's, OH MY!

so, another thing that i need to get used to about not living alone, is that things are not kept where iiiii would normally keep them. i was quite surprised this morning, when i had opened the freezer, and a KNIFE jumped out at me.

*rustling around in freezer*
ME: aha, this is what i need!
*starts to pull bag out, but what's this? it's CAUGHT on something!*
*yanks bag*
*sharp knife comes flying out, handle first, before it catches on something else and flips around and sticks out point first, to fling itself at my feet*

another case in point would be the Family Hammer. someone needed to pound something one day, and asked mom if she had one. she got quite chipper about the fact that she DID in fact have a hammer.

Mom: ooh yes! it's in the fridge!


so, apparantly, i've been keeping all of MY possessions in the wrong place. it's good that i came home, so that i may be learned in such topics before i go out to the big scary world.

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