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be happy and frolick in your meats of evil, MEEEATS OF EEEE-VILL!

"... turn you into what you are, deep down INSIDE..."


"deep down inside, i'm bologna?"


another day, another freeping dollar. *le sigh* welcome to the world that is adulthood, i say. bleargh. who knew that each and every day of my adult life would be packed with action, excitement, and fortified vitamins?

i certainly didn't.



i hear tell that everything gets even better, once our hair splurts into grey, white, or blue, (i've discovered that compared with my terminally straight hair, my WHITE hairs are coming out in a bundle, and are CURLY. good to know i'll have a fro at 84), and my spine bends in half so that when i look UP, i see my feet. arthritis. weak bladder. absent mindedness (oh, wait, i'm already there. *chuckle*)
Tags: aging

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