Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

another set of questions, from inkedout

1.what is your favorite band?

i don't exactly have a single favorite, but i can list my top five faves at the moment: sloan, better than ezra, jellyfish, nickel creek, and lillian axe.

2.can i leave a banana in your freezer in case i want one later and happen to be on the west coast all at the same time?

normally, i would say yes, but seeing as it's not my apartment, nor my fridge, i would have to regretfully decline. not a whole lot of room in there, anyway, it being of the non frost free variety.

3.if you hate anything with more than four legs does that include octopi and/or squid?

well.. i don't really have a fear of them, per se. i guess i should have said 'insects and arachnids in general.' ^_< i remember in high school, us dissecting squid and then frying them up afterwards o_O i was one of the brave souls that actually at them! ^_^

4.what's one line from your favorite book that you think would make me want to read it (assuming we don't have the same favorite book ...)?

the only thing that i can think of would be "bagba bite me!" now, lessee how many of you get that reference! ^_^

5.lemon curry?

sure. you buying?

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