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a quick post, then to bed...

i got to play tonight. it was the worst technical show i had ever played. i went on completely stone cold sober, something i had never done yet. i started out with Naked's "Raining on the Sky"... with the capo on the wrong fret. since i was more than halfway through the first verse when i realized this, i left it where it was.

and just sang really, REALLY deep.

next came Jellyfish's "Glutton of Sympathy". hands... not... doing... what i'm... telling them .. to... and what IS up with my voice?? meh?

between songs, i laugh shakily about silly bars and their chords and how i'm sober and junk, and funny how beer makes you play better.

a guy runs and buys me a beer. i talk to the crowd as i down half of it. i belch (not into the mic! what kind of girl do you think i AM!), and jump into my own "Rainy Season".

suddenly... my voice comes out of nowhere and fills the building, and my fingers? wow! they're doing what i tell them to! (well, the left hand, at least.. my strummy hand still was all over the place and wanting to play things completely different than what i needed it to. silly right hand.)

but i forgot the words. somewhere.. i think the second prechorus?!? so i mumbled... i finished the song.

i didn't know what to play next, so i guzzled more of the beer and jokingly suggested Slayer. i even named a song.

i suddenly became the best friend of everyone in the bar. slayer requests popped up out of nowhere, begging me to play. i said 'um, no.' and tried playing REM's "man on the moon". that SO didn't happen. my fingers? not so much. words? i'm sure there are some in there somewhere. so halfway through the first verse, i stopped, swigged down more beer, and joked about silly rems and such, as i played Gin Blossom's "mrs. rita". it didn't matter that i had sang the 2nd verse as the 3rd verse. i was their friend cuz i was a girly girl who named a slayer song, damnit!!

oh, and i get one more song? how bout Sloan's "i can feel it"? okay, this is weird, singing the patrick pentland side, instead of the chick from Jale's side. words? not so much, still. lots of humming. LOTS of humming.

as i said, it was thee worst freaking set i've ever done.

and i've never had so much fun doing it.

a guy came up and assisted me off the stage, kissing my hand. a guy tossed a tip in the tip jar. (i ran up later and saw that it was only a flyer to stop genetic engineering... but he's a man that CARES!), I got more freaking compliments than i have ever gotten on any other night before.


as i get off the stage, my brother runs up to me and hands me a little flyer. i read it. oh! Fountains of Wayne is coming! marm0t just went to see them blokes! then my brother hands me my REAL 'present'.

Nickel Creek.

NICKEL FLUCKING CREEK, is coming to portland. two flucking nights in a flucking row. i shrieked like a 12 year old girl with nsync tickets.

i freaked out tremendously, i did. no one else cared. HOW COULD YOU NOT CARE THAT NICKEL CREEK WILL BE PLAYING?!? DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEEEANS TO ME?!? *shakes everyone* do you have any IDEA how flipping LONG i have been WAITING for these guys to COME somewhere even REMOTELY close to where i'm LIVING?!?

SO... from others who have seen them live... about how much do their tickets usually cost? do they have a habit of selling out immediately?!? they're not playing until august 29th and 30th, egads, is that time enough to get a job and get a paycheck to get tickets?!? and how to GET there?!?

i will be going to at LEAST one of those shows. mark my words: I WILL BE THERE.

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