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questions from shari

1. If someone were to come up to you and say "take a year off, everything is on me" - what would you do, and where would you do it?

I would travel around the world, stopping to experience the best of the states, canada, europe and beyond, taking the local lj'ers from whatever region i was visiting with me :) i definitely wouldn't want to spend it in one spot, and i would love to share as much of the joy of the year off with as many of my friends as i could.

2. Where would you like to spend the rest of your life?

somewhere with a temperate climate, where it doesn't get to be a million degrees in summer or a million below in winter, where people are laid back. that's one thing i love about portland so far, it's a big city, but with a small town feeling to it.

3. They finally invented timetravel. When would you go back to?

the dark ages. so i could find out everything that REALLY happened and write a book about it to enlighten the rest of the world. and i would be rich.

4. What did you want to be when you grow up?

the earliest thing i could remember wanting to be when i grew up was a school bus driver. i dunno why. i just wanted to be something that i hadn't heard other people say, so that i could be the team player and fill in as needed. then i wanted to be a teacher for a VERY long time, because i remember how much i loved my teachers (except mrs. bender in the 1st grade. i'm still wondering how many children's souls she boiled in her cauldron.). after that? not a clue. i know that for the most part, i never wanted to be anything 'traditional'. around age 12, when i discovered The Bangles' Different Light LP, i SO wanted to be Vicki Petersen when i grew up. she wrote the bestest songs, and had the awesome rockstar lifestyle. i SO daydreamed about being a rock star, but never in a million years think that i could ever even BEGIN to accomplish it. now? not a flipping clue. i have NO idea what i wanna do with my life, which is something i definitely need to decide on soonly, as 30 is looming juuuust around the corner.

5. Show us your favorite painting. Why do you like it so much?

uh. erm.. uh... i don't have a way to show you my favorite painting. it's a disturbing one that my brother got out of an apartment when they moved and he was maintenance there. it's sort of an abstract painting, that could be a cat laying on its side around a vase of dead flowers, or it could be a dead cat with its soul escaping. i love it greatly.

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