Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

my name is NOOOOT that difficult, really.

i went to einsteins bagels this morning for coffee and a cookie (which resulted in my being made fun of by the cashier, more on that in a sec..), and a bagel for later, and the lady asked my namefor my order. "aubrey." i say, "a-u-b-r-e-y." she grins and nods, and hands me my slip, with the name "abril" printed on the bottom. i grimace a smile at her and go to check out...

i get up there, the cashier asks if there is anything else i want. "the largest cup of coffee on earth", i say, "and..." i look through the plethora of cookies on the side and snag what i thought was chocolate chip (ended up being oatmeal raisin) "and this." the cashier chuckles and says 'you must be getting ready for a BIG BAD day' *chuckle, chuckle* *says in big booming voice* "GIMME YOUR LARGEST CUP OF COFFEE!" *then says the following in an eeeety bitty voice* "and a cooookee." he chuckles some more, gives me my change, then i hear the guy behind me... "my day isnt going to be quite as bad, so i'll just take the regular sized coffee..." i walk to the condiment stand, their harmonizing chuckles floating behind...
Tags: aubreyisms, names

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