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live journal? what's so live about it?

grah. so livejournal is being a butt again. it's up - NOITSNOT! - wait.. oh, i can look at my user info again? woo hoo! now, just to catch up on my friends... what?!? it's down again?!? *shakes fist* *runs to lj_maintenance hrm. nothing. how bout the status.livejournal.org thing?!? nothing, either. huh. okay, maybe it's not a big thing. *clicks on user info* wha?!? not available?!? *has inner nuclear meltdown*


i need to vacuum.

and i think it's hilarious when i hear about you people and your dreams of me. quite amusing, they are..

and kevin james?!? saw his stand up routine on comedy central earlier. i laughed so hard, i peed a little, and cried a lot. it's been a long LONG time that i've seen something so freaking hilarious that i would still be laughing and crying all the way through the commercials as well... "dood, did you just jump rope in the attick?' 'no, i peeled an orange... about an hour ago.. what can i help you with?!?'" and the part about "nothing more embarassing then wiping out doing ZERO" with regards to tipping over on a jet ski... *wipes tears from eyes* i so had that happen to me... impending doom.. at slow motion.. and the waiting out in the middle of the water, waiting for your friends to circle round for you?? *dies*

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