August 8th, 2002

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i spoke to the boss lady yesterday, and she showed me the pile-o-points that i've accumulated recently, and said that she fought to get the old ones ignored, as i never got around to signing them, and that if she HADN'T fought, i would certainly be filing for unemployment right now *whistles* good thing i'm a favorite. but she also said that she couldn't make any more exceptions and to watch my p's and q's, and that she would do everything within her power to help me bring in more income :)

i went to the doc's yesterday, she told me i have a viral infection, and that i need to just take decongestants (tho i don't feel very congested?) and ride it out, and that i'm not even half way through it yet. yay. course, it COULD be good for my diet that anytime i even THINK of eating, i gag. bleh.

*says sarcastically* i love calling Disney Cruise Lines, as i'm currently on hold with 'be our guest..' blaring in my ear... it's always good to call them first thing in the morning, so that you get a wonderfully annoying song to TRAUMATIZE you throughout the remainder of the day.

oh, i got a geetar. an electric geetar. it's stopsign red. a Gibson Epiphone. for $75. it has a short in it somewhere, so i do need to get it repaired. anyone in the phoenix area know of any good economical places to get guitars fixed?!? i have 30 days to return it, i may do so and exchange it for a black and white one i saw there (as girlie as it sounds, it would match my other guitar)... i just wanna make sure that fixing it is worth my while instead of forking tons o money out for something that isn't worth it.
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i watched a WEEEIRD freaking cartoon on adult swim sunday night, i can't remember the name of it, but it was about a shake, a large order of french fries, and a meatball that lived together as roommates... Shake was the leader, tho he was addlebrained, Fries had a goatee and was like the stern daddy type, and the meat ball (i can't remember his official name, but found it funny, it was like Meatchunk or Meatwad! thats what it was, i think, Meatwad!) anywhoo.. the roomies were pissed at Shake, cuz he had totally messed up the kitchen and refused to clean it, and the mold grew and grew and formed a new identity, a new roomate that meatwad named Drippy (because he dripped a lot)... drippy was the nicest roommate ever, was completely selfless and went way out of his way to serve and keep others happy, although shake wanted him dead and gone... they ended up all kicking shake out, then shake got sick in the rain, so drippy had shake eat him, so that he would feel better.
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i avoid country music like the black plague.


while at home sick this week, i was flipping through channels, trying to find something ANYTHING even remotely interesting to gaze upon.

i accidentally turned it to the country music station.

they were having this special on a band, called Nickel Creek, I think. Three youngins.

I was aghast.

The three 'kids' i wanna call them (looked all to be in their early 20's), two guys and a girl, only played three instruments: a mandolin, an acoustic guitar, and a violin. No rhythm section. No electric anything.

The MUSIC. wow. from a musician's stand point of view, feel free to call me cheesy, i was blown away by the three people on the most rudimentary instruments, tossing in a few harmonies... it sounded more celtic, to me, than country.