August 19th, 2002

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am i pms-ing?!?

is THAT what the freaking deal is?

is it because it's monday?

i get in, the puters are down for the first 45 min. can't take/make any calls.

one of my first call, a Canadian chap with a VERY thick accent, accusing me of not being American (according to him, i'm from england or australia, apparantly, since MYYY accent is so thick, and i finally barked that i was born in iowa, and you can't get more American than that). the convo starts out like this:

me: can i start with your home telephone number?
him: i have number, you want?
me: does it start with four letters?
him: it starts with more than that.
me: how about your home telephone number then?
him: *mumbles out 7 numbers*
me: *sigh* can i start with your area code please?
him: *provides me with his zip code*
me: no, your area code.
him: i don't understand.
me: the first 3 numbers of your telephone number?
him: oh. 514.
me: and the rest of your numbers?
him: 4334.
me: aaaaalll of the rest of your numbers?!?!?

*yanks hair out*

it all went down hill from there... anything i told him, he wouldn't believe me. so i transfered him to someone else.

last call:

me: can i start with your home telephone number please?
her: *provides all digits except area code*
me: can i start with YOUR AREA CODE PLEASE?!?

convo goes on... towards the end...

me: well, i'm not showing a resort week available starting tomorrow in Toronto, i could transfer you to our travel department, and they would be most happy to check into hotel stays for you.
her: well, they have to give me the name of the hotel so i know where i'm staying.
me: *pausing for a moment to stop the pulsating lights from burning my brain* ma'am, they won't book you into a random hotel and not tell you where you're staying, you don't have to guess... one moment please...

i've also dealt with a man who yelled at me due to the time zone difference (arizona controls all time zones, apparantly), as his rep won't be in for two hours (he called here at 630 am), another one that yelled at me because someone mistakenly transfered him to the wrong place, as well as various other people insisting i don't know how to do my job.

and i've only been here two flipping hours.
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at least, i'm marginally in a better mood than i was this...


okay, i just heard a rumor that they're giving us a dollar raise? but raising our required profit to $5000 a pay period? not possible. i've never brought in more than $3200 in profit in this department, even during peak season. it's from Said, so while i know he has connections with upper management,it's a 'i'll believe it when i see it' situation. i would be happy even with my quarter an hour raise, you know the one they took away from us at the beginning of the year when we got our buck-fifty an hour pay CUT? i wonder why i'm still here.

oh, yeah, i forgot, i looked for something else, and it didn't even touch what i could make here.


so... what am i doing instead of working? on hold with carnival, trying to get some more space on the halloween cruise....

i got to hang out with evilrabbit yesterday, it was fun. dare i say it was HOLY fun? *dies* other than that, not much done on the weekend, i avoided people like a rash, became one with my couch (i got my MST3K box set of The Creeping Terror, Bloodlust, and Sidehackers in the mail on sat morning, so it was required...), went to scrumbles to cut some vocal tracks for a quick pseudo demo.....

oh, and is today over with yet?
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so, the boss lady didn't show up...

which hath resulted in almost no one bringing any money in... we've all kept to ourselves, for the most part, just sitting here, dinking on the internet and shirking our duties... about the only 'ruckus' us youngsters made was when israel made an announcement that he had candy in his drawers for all of us, and i yelled across the room, asking "izzy, can i use my teeth?" which horrified innocent little ericka sitting next to me.


two and a half more flipping hours to go.