August 21st, 2002

disco star

sleeping at last, the trouble and tumult over...


never heard of it.


i sat on the couch, practically drooling in slumber as i watched the "little big cats" special on Animal Planet, trying to get the motivation to just move 10 feet to the bed (reminder: i live in a studio apartment. my living room is also my bedroom, den, workout center, music studio, dining room, mowing space, organizational area, entertainment center, lounge, dance studio, karaoke breu ha ha) at 6 o'clock... i finally crawled into bed at almost 8, still drooling and mumbling from fatigue.

i lay in bed for 3 1/2 hours reading, cuz i couldn't fall a freaking sleep.


*perks up*

but hey, i got a good deal read on my book.

but, on a different note, do you ever get to the point where it seems like every single other human being ("that's HOOman being, okay, deeonald.") seems to annoy the living fuck out of you?!?!?
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disco star

what it's like to be me, part II.

I come out of the bathroom. a coworker i've never spoken to comes out of the boys room at the same time. he gets the hugest grin on his face, and in the most chipperiest, loudest voice known to mankind before noon, says "well, hellOOO there! how are you doing today?!?" i glare at him and say "i need a nap."

he pauses for a second, the gigantos grin on his face, then bursts into resounding laughter, stating "wow! that is THEE most honest answer i think i've ever gotten to that question! i'm joining you on that one! ah ha ha ha ha!"

i pause to watch him go all the way down the hallway, gaffawing at my 'clever' remark the entire way. "ah ha ha.. need a nap.."

disco star

what it's like to be me, part III.

a coworker was talking about how she drops her daughter off at school, and everyone asks if she's her big sister. i stated that when i was 17, and would ride the bus to school with my brother brosely who was 11 at the time, since we look NOTHING alike (me with dark, straight hair and dark eyes, him with naturally curly blonde hair and blue eyes), we were asked frequently if we were dating.

i stood up in my cubicle and raised my arm, pointing at the ceiling to help display my agitation at this, stating loudly "first of all, yes, i date 11 year olds.... and second of all, yes, he's my BROTHER."

another coworker walked by, and only heard that admonition, which warranted a dirty look as she bustled away.

nice to know that i'm the inbred pedofile of the company now.

is the full moon really FRIDAY? what about NOW?
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(no subject)

just out of curiosity, how long after doug ross left e.r. did luca kovac come in?!?

*currently hooked on the two old eps shown every morning on tnt as she races home every night and watches what she recorded because she has absolutely no life*
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(no subject)

so, when they say "snickers satisfies", does that mean that it's sufficient for your snacking needs, but doesn't go above and beyond the call of munchy duties? that if you have to have a snickers, that you won't turn it down if that's your only choice, that it will be sufficient? or is it more of a sexual stand point, to where you're SO satisfied after you eat one, you want to cuddle with the wrapper and doze off? or does one eat a snickers and be so 'satisfied' that they go off like they won a gameshow?