August 22nd, 2002

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i've thought about getting a cat again, seeing as i see other people's kitties, and miss it.


- i wouldn't come home to an empty apartment every night, i would actually have a creature there happy to see me (or happy indifference, after all, we ARE talking about a cat..)
- the warm purry body on my lap.
- laughing as the cat does cute little kitty things, when he's cute to me, but a ferocious beast in his own mind.

- litterbox, litterbox, litterbox
- cats are nocturnal animals, and i live in a studio apartment, which means no locking Kitty out of the bedroom at night.
- additional costs for healthcare and food.
- having to 'kitty proof' the apartment, and not being able to leave simple things lying around for fear of distruction.
- pethair (i DO wear mostly black)
- extra cleaning to keep it from having 'pet smell'
- oh, and i almost forgot. the freeping pet deposit. nevermind.
disco star

what it's like to be me, part IV.

when i worked at Wal*mart, way back in the day, i was going through a phase where i would do my bestest to find the good in EVERYONE, no matter what. there was this veteran that came in to just hang out and roam the aisles. i think his name was joe. so, i sat with joe a few times and talked about his past with him, and discovered he had been through a lot (as if hanging out at a wal*mart on a daily basis wasn't sign enough). due to my kindness, joe was my new best friend. he would hunt me down whenever he was there to tell me how pretty i looked that day, or ask me how i had been doing. it got creepier from there, but i tried to maintain my happy outlook on life.

one day, he called me over as he was sitting in the food court. i sat across from him. he complimented me on my fingernail polish, and asked for my hand for a second, so he could take a closer look at it. he pulled my hand closer to his face, gave me a wicked grin and *schlupp!* two of my finger tips go RIGHT into his mouth, as he suckles them happily.

I sit there, arm extended, frozen in horror. i finally caught up with what happened, snagged my hand back, looked at him aghast as if he had just stomped on my favorite puppy, and left immediately to scour my hands. from then on, whenever 'joe' came in, i would avoid him like the plague.

i now am careful who i am nice to.
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brosely 's coming to visit!!!

brosely's coming to visit!!

october 1st - 8th...

and we're going to see Better than Ezra.
and we're going to watch lots of mst3k.
and he's coming to band practice.
and we'll drive around in Tristan and sing and dance like idiots.
and we'll invent lots of new inside jokes.
and we'll eat hogi yogi.
and we'll go singing in cheap arse karaoke bars.
and we'll get no sleep.
and we'll watch lots of idiotic t.v.
and we'll make lots of jokes at other people.
and we'll talk four million miles an hour so people thing we speak our own language.