September 1st, 2002

disco star

gaz, taste me, i'm DELICIOUS!!!

so, it's sunday night, a 3 day weekend for most people, but i, alas, have to work tomorrow morning at 6 am. blearghl. it will be worth it on payday, im sure, as i'll have a full day of regular time AND a full day of holiday pay. whee.

SO, my weekend was spent... *thinks* well, i'm still house sitting for two wondermous dawggies. lessee... i did some laundry (thanks, stace!) slept... watched a coupla movies (Final Sacrifice mst'ed version, ghost world, amalie, and now working on crouching tiger, hidden dragon), went to a bbq yesterday, and amazed everyone with my stunning guitar playing talent (not really, no one paid my quiet strumming any mind, what with blue oyster cult and rush and other power hits of the 70s blearing over me, but i can dream, cant i?) .. ate too much food.. drank too much beer last night... ate too much pizza...

i need a life. i know that i keep stressing this point, but no, folks, i REALLY need a life. a new one. i keep having dreams of closure, of leaving places, of leaving friends behind, because they no longer NEED me. *shrug* maybe my time in arizona IS coming to a close? but if it WERE, where would i go?
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