September 6th, 2002

disco star

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gooooooooood morning, and happy friday! :D

what an exciting life we lead, eh?

i got another one of pasquinade's WONDERFUL mixed cd's in the mail, thank you soooo much, Ed! I totally enjoy them and look forward to a day when I can pay you back! you've introduced me to a plethora of new music that was in a genre i already adored! :D

on a customer service note, when you are calling somewhere, going somewhere, or whatever and seeking assistance or their services, when you ask questions FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY LET THE PERSON FINISH BEFORE ASKING ANOTHER QUESTION.


we get that all the freaking time here... "so what is my membership good for?" "well, you have a variety of wonderful bene-" "i mean where is the value?" "well, we DO guarantee the lowest possible cruise fa-" "what is your problem?!?"
disco star

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i also wanted to thank everyone for responses to yesterdays post. it was completely something i hadn't planned on, and even figured that since it was a long post, that no one would read it, but posted it anyway, more for a retrospective look.

i think that people have a tendency to get bogged down in daily life and feel horrid about things, which is what i had been doing lately. that post helped me to realize how things have changed in 7 years, and how easier things are for me now compared to back then, when i had to live off of $5.25 an hour.

but thank you for your overwhelming responses :) i love you all.