September 11th, 2002

disco star

there's no intention worthy of mention if i never hang your hopes on rusted out hinges...

first day back at work.

i woke up with the worst headache this side of the mississippi.

i dressed up in vip attire (all black), to find that tomorrow is the vip dressy day, and that today, everyone is clad in red, white, and blue.

i come to work, and don't find points on my desk for absence (thank God for small favors), but i find a court order from Naturally Fitness gym, garnishing 25% of my wages until the stupid membership with them is paid off (a membership i originally got in april of 00).

i burned my breakfast.

and i've only been out of bed less than an hour.

i wanna go home.
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disco star

shot through the heart, and you're to blame, you give loooove a bad name..

and angel's smile is what you sell...


kay, i'll stawp ;)

i got my Columbia House order in the mail today *stops a moment to pointedly ignore her neighbor knocking on the door and ringing the bell again*.. right now, i have my *giggle* greatest hits from Bon Jovi, Great White, and Tesla in under the 'random' command... this song is one of thee funnest to sing at karaoke, and for some reason, no one ever sees it coming... and no matter what the people are doing at the moment, by the end of the beginning "SHOT THROUGH THE HEART, AND YOU'RE TOO BLAME..." everyone in the bar joins in by "YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME..."

nothing like bon jovi to bring a buncha drunks together. *chortle*

what else did i get, you ask? (or even if you didn't..)

Weezer - Pinkerton
Radiohead - OK Computer
Grease soundtrack
The ESSENTIAL billy joel (it was essential, so i had to)
Nickle Creek *swoon*
u2 - joshua tree
poison's greatest hits
cake - comfort eagle

translation: i like weird music, most of which you could NEVER find in columbia house, so i'll instead pay shipping and handling for cds i wouldn't say no to, but wouldn't in a million years buy them new (being the stubborn bargain shopper i am, although i DID almost get nickel creek's for full price a coupla weeks ago...)
disco star

edison's medicine...

i went to the cafeteria to get lunch today. i ladled a gloop of chicken noodle soup ('with homemade noodles *ding*), and i froze, having a flashback to exactly a year before when i was doing exactly the same thing.

one year ago, for lunch, i walked to the cafeteria in a daze. i schlupped a bit of the beefy noodle soup into a bowl. they had different bowls then, wider, flatter bowls, not like the ones they have today that come with lids. i remember being the only person in the food buying part of the cafeteria, only one cook, the manager, walking around. i remember the soup was greasy that day, but had big morsels of roast beef. i crave beef sometimes. i paid my $1.62 silently to the equally silent cashier, then sat at a table with my two packets of crackers. (they charge you ten cents for each packet over that, you know.) the table section of the cafeteria had quite a few people in it, we were all sitting together, watching a t.v. sitting on one of those roller stands we had in science class, where the teacher would roll in the older model t.v. that was just big enough to see from the back row, old enough to not have a remote control, yet new enough to have a button to turn the channels with instead of a knob. we didn't say anything to each other, just sat in our knot, not spread apart like we usually were, as if we took warmth in our closeness.

i remember the television saying "AMERICA UNDER ATTACK!" and thinking about how that's something you don't see every day, and something you never thought you'd see.

i thought of people like shari that deals with stuff like this on almost a daily basis.

i remember getting a second bowl of the greasy noodle soup. i couldn't taste it, anyway.

amazing how something can sit so clear in one's mind, even though it was a year ago.
disco star

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i normally don't do these, but i couldn't resist after seeing in thomserveaux's journal...

i thought i was a seymour, you see... until i remembered how much i daydream about picking up and moving somewhere and not telling anyone...