September 17th, 2002

disco star

two more weeks!

firstly, off topic... anna nicole smith frightens me. frightens me very much.

secondly, one thing i love about my brother, is the fact that when we're together, we have the uncanny habit of bursting into song...

...especially when we're eating...
disco star

(no subject)

i currently have Nickel Creek's self titled and both of October Project's in my cd player, with the 'random' button happily pressed... i'm really digging this slightly celtic sounding stuff.

i want more.

it's like crack.

or, maybe i'm growing up officially, and my tastes are turning naturally from the harder stuff to something more ... relaxing? will i be listening to neil diamond and barry manilow in a year or two or three?

but, seriously, folks, for any of you that have heard october project and/or nickel creek. do you know of anything else out there that is similar-ish?!?

and, also on that note, what download programs, (i.e. iMesh, audio galaxy) do you recommend, that are free? *cha-CHING* i'm most interested in one that does the following:

1) will not cause a partial recording or a download error if your person logs of or something else goes awry. it will cheerfully search for someone else with your selection and go on its merry way of downloading *insert here*

2) preferably downloads videos, too, so that i can get my paws on some mst3k shorts/eps...

(yes, i want all this AND a bag of chips, for FUH-REEEE, cuz i'm a cheap bitch these days....)

i'm also diggin these pajama bottoms. i must invest in more. someday.