September 25th, 2002

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what is it about a company of 400+ people that suddenly causes EVERY single one of them to get amnesiatic (my favorite new word in Aubrenese) when it comes to making coffee/wiping counters after themselves/filling icecubetrays/throwing out empty containers??!?!

oh, wait, right, it was almost just as bad when there were only 60 people working here, too. *fumes*

my good deed of the day: semi cleaning out the freezer. the ice cube box, someone had somehow dumped water in there, so it was one large ice cube. i ran hot water in it, washed, and dried it. i took every single ice cube tray (all but one had only fractions of ice cubes in it, or would have 3 ice cubes left), dumped the old ice into the box, filled with water for to make new ice. this, i placed into the fridge, rearranging all the lean cuisines and jenny craig meals and getting ice cream sludge on my hands (you know the kind, it sits quietly on the side of ice cream containers, and no matter how frozen it is, it suddenly turns to gooey sticky mush when it comes into contact with human skin), and setting the ice cube trays so that only a drunk, blind, sleepwalking idiot with no arms would be able to dump them over.

we'll see how it goes.
disco star

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the funniest thing i saw this morning *wipes eyes with remembered mirth* ... i sometimes set up winmx (or whatever download program i'm using at the moment) to start downloading junk when i go to bed/go to work, so that i can be productive (by stealing copyrighted material) while doing other unproductive things, like, working or sleeping. i woke up this morning, and saw a message from someone... *wipes tears from eyes again* it said:

"i cannot begin to thank you for the wonderfulness of you allowing me to download Kefka's Theme (Orchestrated) from you. This is a debt that I could never repay. Could I ask you to please shut down your downloads and uploads for other people, so as to speed my connection along? thank you so very much."

yeah, fucker, i'm going to jump right on that, shut down my 15 downloads that took me forever to get matches to, as well as the 9 other people that thank me oh so very much for my 'allowing' them to download, just so YOU can get YOUR way.


i'm still laughing over that one.

and who says it isn't a 'me first' society today?!?!?