October 1st, 2002

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*yawns and stretches*

today is a good day.

do you know why?

well, yes, of course, we all know brosely is coming, but that's not what i'm talking about...

what's that, you say? it's tuesday, bringing us one more day closer to the weekend? no, silly.

i'm sorry, what was that? well, yes, procreation in the morning can set your day off to a good start, too, i suppose, but IIII surely didn't engage in THAT activity, so that's not what i'm talking about, you perve! geezh. *shakes head sadly at the minds of today's society* but, thanks for bringing up the fact that i'm alone and unloved (read: unsexed).

what i'm TALKING about, folks, is that today is october first. normally, i don't put too much pull on the first of the month; after all, it isn't THAT much of a land mark...

... but after the september i had, i'm certainly willing to make it one. and a positive one. so, raise all your coffee mugs or cans o mountain dew, and let's TOAST to the first of october! may it be a better month than the last load of crap that was shoveled on us!!!
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you know salsa is spicy when:

your nose's output of liquid revels only niagara falls

you know salsa is spicy when:

you look down to your tummy, completely expecting to see the glob of it sitting in your lap, having eaten through your stomach completely.

you know your salsa is spicy when:

you pant more than your Labrador retriever.
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i WAS going to post that thee name of the month for a member of mine was going to be Flem Goins, although, since i just had a great one, i could count Flem as..

okay. how bout this:

member name of the month of September: Flem Goins, a nice gentleman from the midwest

member name of the month of October (i doubt it gets better than this): Shaft Hunter


....either makes me think of a detective, or a gay porno name.