October 10th, 2002

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okay, so remember the day when you couldn't wait to grow up, that you were sick of the 'well it's MY ball!" brattiness of the kid down the street, or how people would be so mean and not let YOU play in the sandbox?

why is it that some ADULTS can be so freaking selfish and SPOILED FUCKING BRATS?!?!

i freaking hate people.
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also, this just posted in our monthly newsletter:

Celebrate the season with ICE's Holiday CD

...Twelve amazing employees and one employee family member have donated their time and their talents to create A Season of HOpe - a 13 song collection of traditional and contemporary holiday favorites professionally recorded and produced to benefit the children of The Christel House.

... it goes on to say...

...On sale for purchase in October, ICE Gallery also will be selling the CD online to its memebers and to its many resort affiliates. Employees will be treated to a CD release party in early November, complete with live renditions of the music and artists onhand to autograph the CD's.

... um. nice of them to give us fair WARNING. recording my voice in a dark room is one thing, peforming - SOBER - in front of my freeping coworkers is another, and i have to sign AUTOGRAPHS? lmfao!
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my knee is another matter, although i can tell it's better, it still randomly spasms, and i walk like i had a vigorous anal probe with no lubrication, to put it mildly. i'd rather do that, i guess, than limp and have to answer a thousand and one questions... and the bruises are now a very dark lovely purple. i used to want my room painted that color when i was a wee one, it's so purdy, like a dark violet tie dye blue >:)

and, even more ironically, the places where the bruises are, are almost EXACTLY identical to all the bruises i had on the same leg/knee immediately after my car accident in 8/00, although those were MUCH more severe, and then i TRULY couldnt' walk on it.

okay, done posting for now :) promise!
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you can actually get the Christmas cd now, if you feel like it, by going to www.icegallery.com and clicking on the lower left-hand side of the page that is marked "Spread your Holiday Cheer with a Season of Hope" CD's are $14.99 and 100% of proceeds go to the Christel House.

Keep in mind, I haven't even heard the cd yet, we have a listening party for us tomorrow. I have this dreaded feeling that everyone will be all choir like and then there'll be me... singing like i'm in a grade school play.
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it's mardi gras at the ice gallery today. i'm wearing a burger king crown and some nifty beads. thank goodness, i didn't have to show my boobies to get the beads this time.
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mmmm. heeeeaven....

Oct 10 Clear 69° 0 %
Oct 11 Sunny 94°/67° 0 %
Oct 12 Mostly Sunny 93°/78° 0 %
Oct 13 Partly Cloudy 88°/67° 0 %
Oct 14 Partly Cloudy 88°/67° 0 %
Oct 15 Partly Cloudy 87°/61° 0 %
Oct 16 Partly Cloudy 80°/61° 20 %
Oct 17 Partly Cloudy 86°/55° 20 %
Oct 18 Isolated T-Storms 87°/62° 30 %
Oct 19 Partly Cloudy 88°/64° 10 %

He died as he lived: soiled and splayed

good news: i'm back online at home!

bad news: my aubkabob qwest address was COMPLETELY wiped out, meaning EVERYTHING in it is COMPLETELY irretreivable.

i had welll over 100 unread emails and replies to posts.

so, therefore, if any of you emailed me anything over the last, i dunno, MONTH, please re-email it to aubkabob@qwest.net.

even better news: matt sold me megabites (or whatever unit they come in) of RAM, so now i have 162 total, compared to the 31 i had before! i can multitask!

but the virus had wiped out EVERYTHING on my computer, with relations to windows so we had to reinstall EVERYTHING. thankfully, stuff in my documents was spared, i.e. every constructive thing i've written.

the virus also ruined my sound card somehow, so my puter is silenced until further notice *sadness*

thank you.

have a splendid evening.
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on yet another note...

my aim was wiped out and it won't let me log back on with my old user/password.

so, therefore, i'm back to aubkabob on aim. please add me. thank you.