October 19th, 2002

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so, last night, i didn't drink. AT ALL, which is a miracle for me, driving or not. even if i'm driving, as idiotic as it is, i'll have one drink. maybe two. but i know my limit (as stupid as i know it is to drink and drive..)

last night, although my friend joe was cajoling me, telling me to have one drink, i refused the entire night, drinking only diet coke.

on the way home, on the 202, 3 cars in front of me went from going 65 to 0 in .2 seconds, practically. i slammed on my brakes and skidded, stopping mere inches from the bumper in front of me.

had i been drinking at ALL, i KNOW that there was NO way i could have made that stop in time, and i would have been responsible for a 4 car pile up. not just responsible for a 4 car pile up, but responsible for a 4 car pile up while UNDER THE INFLUENCE, AND RIGHT IN FRONT OF A COP CAR.

folks, don't drink and drive. if i wasn't a believer now, i DEFINITELY am now. i've been planning on quitting drinking, and it truly hasnt' been difficult yet. just, um, if you DO drink, do it responsibly.
disco star

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so, our senator is hosting Saturday Night Live.

course ANYTHING that comes out of this state that does anything nationwide has to be paraded all over the news... again... and again... and again.... let's hope that they don't give this much media to it once the reruns start.

and let's thank the Powers that Be that it's not another Keri Strug incident. then the media would NEVER shut up.