October 22nd, 2002

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oh for rapture, oh, for joy.

now, if i truly believed in these things ... ;) i mean charts and stuff like that seem to be dead on, but daily horriblescopes?

Dear Aubrey, here is your Horoscope for October 22, 2002

You are definitely going to appreciate the harmony that will reign
today, dear Aubrey. After the confrontational mood of the past several days, it looks as though you'll be able to rest a little bit today. If you feel somewhat weary, it's for good reason. Today provides an excellent opportunity to rid yourself forever of the burdens people are trying to make you carry.

"time to go away, escape confusion and disarray
i found a peace, tranquility, a newborn love my secret mystery
my soul lives on beyond the sky.. my questions answered, i say goodbye.

but life goes on
embrace the dawn
a brand new song awaits you."
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conversation i just had on the phone with a client:

mavis: yeah, i wanted to check into a private balcony?
me: okay, i'm showing you in an ocean view, a balcony is a difference of $301 per person. would you like to make the change?
mavis: you mean, i have to PAY for it? i don't want to have to PAY for an upgrade.

*heavy sigh*

why in the WORLD do people feel that they are entitled to FREE things? especially since this person is already getting a 7 day western caribbean cruise from NEW ORLEANS on royal caribbean in an OCEAN VIEW for freaking $300 per person?

*heavy sigh again*

only how many days left until vacation? i need to pack. but i refuse to until night prior. or maybe i'll do it friday during lunch ;)
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so, just out of curiosity... say you were to be wed. say the fiancee has a HORRID last name, like Pigg or Woodcock or Schnitzenburgermeierfrank.

would you do the name change thing, or would you wed him and keep your maiden name?
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apparantly, i'm dead.

and, according to this i'm not dead, i'm really 106 years old, boy howdee.

and here you can see my taste for fetishes... and then i also have a place in which to discuss my sexual confusion.

and i'm so important to today's society, that i had an entire school district named after me... and have also had enough spare time to set up electronical support for you, should you need it.

i also have a hobbie .. but let's get this straight.. we're REALLY not talking about motor engines. *raises eyebrows repeatedly* and have another journal, where i like to pretend i'm a younger girl with a passion for drawrings.

confused? it's okay, it's easy to get lost in me.
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so, i got my copy of the holiday cd. it's aiiight. i still feel that everyone else sounds a million times better than my nasally 'giiiiddy up, jingle horse, pick up your feet...' could ever be.

course, SITTING there, while coworkers and friends grab the cd out of my paws with a gigantos grin and pop it in the player, frantically hitting the 'next' button while they read the back of the cd to see which number i am.

i am track five.

anyhoo, sitting there while they do that is quite nerve racking... then the first guitar chords and riff playing makes me nervous. when the bass comes in to bring it round to the first verse, i turn red. at the first part of 'jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock... " i almost pass out. by the first sultry "to go a-glidin on a one a horse a sleigh.." i'm praying to any god out there that can miraculously open a hole underneath me and swallow me whole.

and the holiday isn't even close yet. will i get used to it? be able to shrug it off and not want to die everytime someone wants to hear it?

who knows, as the tech department relieved me of my copy to go burn it while i was on lunch - without asking. so much for buying it for charity.
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i know, i know, i've been posting a zillion posts-o-nonsense lately, but as i see it, i'm making up for lost time, as i'll be gone aaaaaaaaaalllll next week... my last post will be friday, and i won't be able to post again for at LEAST 8 days, maybe more. so you'll have some leftover 'aubisms' to keep you company.

anyhoot, here's my question: i'm not having any problems with my computer. (yes, i do realize that's a statement, not a question.) except: when i check my yahoo mail, i can check only a couple of them, then get an error reading saying it has to shut down. this doesn't happen anywhere else in the computer, and if i'm doing numerous things, only the window with the yahoo mail in it shuts down.

is it a problem with my computer? something i can fix? or have any of you other yahoo's been having problem with your mail?