October 23rd, 2002

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coffee presentation note #1:

when being courteous and making the next pot of coffee, it is generally NOT a good idea to try to open the next bag of coffee grounds directly above your mug of steaming hot freshness.

sad thing is, i was so tired, that i stared at it a few moments, debating whether to drink it crunchy or not, thinking maybe the grounds would give it that extra 'oomph' i need.

i had less than two hours sleep last night, maybe two if you count all the times i spanked my snooze button this morning.
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so, i'm sitting here, and suddenly, it sounds like the air conditioning is on high. than even higher. i stand up and look around, perplexed, and see all my coworkers prairie dogging it and doing the same.

then i realize it's STORMING. it's rain, not air conditioning (although i still question that with the temperature in here).. and there's been tons of thunder, and people racing outside to close their windows.

cool. it's been a long time since we've had a major storm at six a.m.

i love severe weather.
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and, on another note, i think i'm going to quit drinking.

well, i don't want to say 'quit drinking', because if i ever decide to have a beer at a bar or a glass of wine, i don't want people to look askew at me and shake their head as if i fell off that proverbial wagon.

i'm not an alcoholic.

i'm just sick of dealing with the aftereffects of drinking.


costs tons of money i don't have, free drinks aside
tastes like patooey
screws with my blood sugar BIG time
dehydrates the hell out of me and makes me feel cucky the next day
makes my breath smell like i liked a toilet at wal*mart
has a zillion empty calories (being a rock star in training, weight is an issue)
generally surrounds me with a lillion idiotic people who live for drinking or live for happy hour or live for partying and who's breath revels mine
i'm MUCH more clear headed (duh)
being out with my friends the last few times, when i haven't drank, i haven't wanted to, and felt fine.


being designated driver - A LOT
having to find other more interesting people to hang out with that don't live for beer and shots

so, that's it, in a nutshell, folks. *looks at calendar* okay, i'm going to say that Friday, October 11, 2002, was the last time i've had a drink.
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Wally: lately, i've been feeling a lot of pressure to do work.
Pointy-haired boss: Wally, do you realize this is your job?
Wally: THERE. that's exactly what i'm talking about.

hrm.. i can't help to think they wrote it about me.
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i now have a woman on the phone that called in and got me earlier and i advised her i couldn't quote her until she sent in her original certificate.... i pulled up her membership when she got me on accident again, she's talked to 5 people since me, and is now calling in USING A DIFFERENT VOICE to try to get quotes.

*heavy sigh*

only 2 and a half more work days until i'm on vacation.
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i've been contemplating going blonde.

not forever, just until my roots show, then going back to an easier color to mask, i.e. brown or red.

any thoughts?

maybe chunky streaks, with really dark hair.

i AM getting some EXTREMELY dark brown hair color today, almost black. my roots are showing, anyway, almost 2 inches long, so i figured that if i have to dye it some color, i can do it to match my Wednesday Addams outfit.