November 2nd, 2002

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*waves* i am home, i am home!

i am also at work, fighting a cold *glares at immune system*

i missed all of you. (yes, aubs needs one life, please)

i will type more, right now, i'm pissy because i paid my phone bill in full... it went through on my debit card (this was two fridays ago) and i come home to a disconnected phone?

um, no.

but, unfortunately, i can't freaking DO anything about it until freeping MONDAY. *shakes fist at qwest for not having weekend hours*
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and i'm also greeted at the door by someone i CANNOT stand, pushing it in my face the second i walk in that the hugest freaking commission that i ever made off of one transaction ($400+) is PIIIISSED off at me for things out of my control, and parading it in front of me like "you did a boo boo.. ha ha hah a ha ha..."...


i don't want to deal with this fucking shit today. i'm feeling like doodie, i have other freaking concerns (like the fact that automatic payments came out of my account while i was gone, leaving me with NO money until friday, no gas, no food, nothing...)

*deeep breath*

can i go home now?
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regarding earlier said pissy situation, has been corrected, i'm right, she's wrong, everyone's on my side, neener neener, and i'm telling 'mom' when she gets in on monday.

so there.

in other news, in an email i received:

Well, with almost unanimous decision, the Holiday CD Release party will be held Tuesday, Nov. 12th. Venue to be determined.

Please feel free to invite family and friends as this is the kick off for the holiday gift season! The party will be held from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the 13450 N. Black Canyon Hwy, Ste. 280 building. However, which room is currently being determined.

Each singer will be introduced and a portion of their song played for attendees.

Please send me your "professional bio" by Monday, Nov. 4th so we can put together posters and promotional materials for our ICE Gallery employees and resort affiliates!

Thank you for your cooperation. If you are scheduled to work during that time, please email Stacey, Michelle or I and we will talk with your managers for a possible release.


okay, so what the hell should I put in a bio of myself?!?!? pfft? and there's going to be a POSTER?
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i wanna go home, cuz i feel cucky, and we're dead and there are no emergency situations to take care of right now, anyway.... but i don't wanna go home to a house with no phone line... *heavy sigh*

i could swing by walgreens on the way home and get stuff i need wiht my last $19 in my account.

and i'll leave you all alone instead of posting a million times.... i don't think anyone really reads any of this stuff during weekends, anyway...

*blows kisses*