November 4th, 2002

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lmfao... so this is what they have so far for my bio to go along with my POSTER for the cd release party ;)

Aubrey Keating “Jingle Bell Rock” soloist

Aubrey has been playing multiple instruments for more than 14 years, including the guitar, the bass and the piano. As a vocalist and rhythm guitarists for the folk rock band, The Vacant Stairs, Aubrey has played throughout the Valley to great acclaim. Her love of music extends to all genres and she passed on that love of music as a Karaoke host for more than four years before concentrating on The Vacant Stairs.
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so, i call qwest and rip them a new butt hole and got them to waive all reconnection fees and turn my flipping service back on... i should be online by tonight, if not by lunch. :) i missed you all. *insert cheesy grin here*

there's so much i wanna tell you about the vacation, but it would take a million and one words to do so, or a million and one posts.. so here's some quick highlights:

- halloween party in sandy eggo with everyone half my size and the naked man
- no drinking (until i boarded the ship... my new official stop-drinking date is halloween. easier to remember
- disturbing the HELL out of the piano bar player with my costume
- matt and the naked kilt and the lack of sleep caused by it
- JeRome rocking my world
- the horrible OTHER comics
- meeting alicenwndrln (and how wonderful she is)
- RELAAAAAXING top deck with my Robert Jordan book
- Padli the bestest waiter ever

i know there are other things... i swear there are other things....

i'll get back with yas later...
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update over the 'situation' over the weekend where a coworker stuck their head where it didn't belong:

dana is writing her up.

which, i'm certain, will start a war, but i don't give a fuck.

all my coworkers ran to ME to let ME know that SHE was talking smack about me after i left saturday about how i should be written up for overcharging innocent little old ladies.

no no no... go stick YOUR head in doo doo, biatch.

*flips her off*
*sticks tongue out at her, too*
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*laughs hysterically*

i haven't talked to Cheap Bastard in how long? a long time. haven't seen the guy, hasn't stopped buy, i had HEARD that he was moving out at the end of october.

he comes to my door right now, asking for a freeping ride, the creep.

i told him that i was running late, that i couldn't spare another moment.... then came in and plopped back down in front of the puter to type along my merry little way...
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so, um.

my doorbell just rang, and i was about to ignore it, until i heard a FEMALE voice say "aubrey?"

it was a neighbor down the way. i had left my keys in the front door. they had been there for five hours.

go me.