November 5th, 2002

disco star

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pikeetures are back!

and i am soooo lady like (with alicenwndrln)

and then there's the preparation involved...

and then there's Wednesday Addams with boobs

and Wednesday seems to be her usual ZOMBIE self..., again with alicenwndrln and her friend Rebecca

and Wednesday and her friend Matt (like the see-through dress?)

and i am NOT annoyed, you can't prove anything!!!

and for some reason, i struck this pose for most of the pictures. *frown* we have a lovely one of us at formal dining that Carnival took, everyone looks wonderful, then there's the idiot aubrey in the lower right corner, making kissy faces at the photographer.

and my amazing magnetic for stains dress ...

and, as a friendly reminder, me as a redhead

and all the girls wanna touch aubrey boobs
disco star

website woes

so, i wanna relaunch my old aubrey kaye website from Way Back When, but a) don't wanna pay for it *cheapcheapcheapbrokebrokebroke* and b) don't want it to disappear on me after i relaunch.

any suggestions?