November 11th, 2002

disco star

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mmmmmmmmmmm... my throat feels like sandpaper, and my voice sounds like kathryn hepburn.


i also feel like someone stuffed cotton up my nose to fill my nasal cavity.

oh, for JOY.

i am sick. hear me whine.
disco star

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i'm composing a quick lj post here:

i did yoga this weekend.

no. let me rephrase that.

yoga did the HELL out of me this weekend.

i hurt.

i knew i had fallen out of shape, but DAYUM, i had no idea.
disco star

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a conversation i seriously just had with a woman:

her: what types of cruises can i use with this certificate?
me: caribbean and mexican riviera.
her: mexican riviera? where is that?
me: round trip from los angeles, down the pacific coast of mexico.
her: oh. i thought it was over in Europe.

*smacks forehead*
disco star

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so, i'm looking up how to post a picture in the background of my journal... and i see that you have to post a url for the pic you wanna use.

how does one exactly save a pic to a url in order to use it for the background?