November 12th, 2002

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so, i wake up this morning to discover that i started my period. greeeat. i hop on the scale, and sure enough, my monthly 5 lbs of water weight gain has hopped on my hips practically overnight. today will be my cramping day. give me about a half hour to an hour, and although i've already drugged myself to the hilt with pamprin and women's motrin and mock-Excedrin's, i'll be bent over my desk, almost in tears. i'm out of pads. *cries* i'm also highly irritated at everyone and everything.

and not looking forward to the cd release party today.

since i get off work, they want me to show up early and greet all the guests that arrive early, and did i remember to spread the word to my coworkers, so that they'll arrive and show their support? *sigh* i still need to 'get ready'. i thought i looked fine, but now, due to bloat, i feel like my ass has expanded to twice it's size, while my breats are heavy water balloons with a mind of their own.

gah. maybe i'll change. i have to go home and do the 'makeup' thing, so i look presentable, though i'm sure that i look little like my photo on the posters - red hair, contacts, compared to my black hair and glasses. *shrug*

today is going to prove to be an interesting day.
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and the cramps begin. *glare*

i don't feel like working today. maybe partially because of the fact htat it feels like my uterus is turning istelf inside out within my body? and using a carving knife to do so?
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last period post, i swear... for now

you should have seen me last night, standing there, holding my breasts up with my hands, weighing the 'melons' as it were, and holding them up to give relief to my chest from all that weight, remarking about how HEAVY they were compared to usual.

you men have it lucky. you don't have the curse of eve following you around every freaking month.
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okay, now i got the freeping PICTURE up for my background, how in the world do i scootchie scootchie the words over so you can SEE the pic?
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Come tonight to ICE Gallery's World Premiere Event!

A Season of Hope
Holiday CD Release Party

4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
in the room
13450 N. Black Canyon Hwy., Ste. 280

The venue has been changed because of the overwhelming response!

Come meet the singers!
Mingle and enjoy refreshments and sparkling beverages!
Hear A Season of Hope before anyone else!
Find out how YOU can become eligible to win a
3-day Cruise For Two!

Don't miss this Once In a Lifetime, World Premiere Event!
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i took a two hour lunch to get ready for the 'show' tonight... i'm all purdified now. i was going to get overtime, otherwise, so dana didn't mind.

i also went to walgreens, got feminine napkins, and bags of different kinds of sugar free chocolate>:) just like littledevi asked if i did.

i'm in a more civil mood, now, but am still no nonsense. i just had sheer joy in bursting a poor old lady's bubble, when she thought she was going to get something for freeeee, two calls in a row.




*heinous cackling ensues*

and if you only KNEW the songs going through my head.

*shoots self*

.....from old 'metal' bands... i didn't realize how horrid they were until i started whisper singing them aloud:

"and she was boppin and sloppin, up and down my nobbin. one said it tastes like cool whip toppin..."


"show me a taste of your animal grace, oooh the things you'll do for a dollar bill or two, when you're lyin on the floor spread eagle..."
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i'm home now, from the 'event'. out of all the artists, i'm the only one that helped set up and take apart the party, so you know what they sent me home with?

a freaking SEVEN POUND veggie tray. lol. i have SEVEN POUNDS of baby carrots, broccoli, and asparagus, all i can eat (until rot do we part). it also has a ton of baby red and yellow peppers, i'll never eat (my tastebuds have changed since moving to arizona, but not THAT much. sure, i can practically eat salsa with a spoon, just like the next guy, but i call a halt at whole peppercini's.)

it was a success, i think. i don't think ANYONE had anybody show up from outside work, but it's aiight. i thought i would sign an autograph or two, but ended up signing my name for two hours straight, to people cooing and cawing about our cd.

so THIS is what being a 'celebrity' is about? i think i would handle it well. i found myself FLIRTING with the 'public', just like i used to at karaoke competitions. i even layed a hand on my boss's boss's boss's new boss, len.

we'll see if there's a sexual harassment paper on my desk to sign tomorrow.

i was also nervous, because most everyone else that sang on the cd is in a little clique outside of my little clique (the people i hang out with at work generally couldn't carry a note with a forklift). but it went well.

also, if any of you have gone to the ice gallery website and bought one of the cd's, let me know, so that i can get 'credit' for it.

thanks, and happy holidays from the Aubkabob.