November 13th, 2002

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a sign that today's my moody day: i almost started crying because i couldn't get the oil cap off.

Tristan is sick. There is something wrong with my jeep, and it's one of two things:

1) needs oil
2) needs brakes

let's all hope and pray for #1. i can't afford brakes right now. i can barely afford a freaking quart of OIL right now.

AND my right gland is swollen up and my throat hurts.

oh, for joy.

AAAAAND i'm cramping. today was just tickling my uterus compared to the wild thrashing stabbing party going on in there today.
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so, a member calls me, we're chatting away, he puts me on hold.

it's the best hold music EVER. okay, maybe not the best, but certainly the most fun hold music i've heard in a long time, considering i usually just get cruise line's version of 'soothing hold music'.

i start singing "good things come by the dozen, that ain't nuthin but chancy love.. pretty little thing, let me light your candle cuz, uh-momma, i'm shore hard to handle now... YEAH.. HAAAAWD to handa now. OOOH BAYBAY!" the longer i'm on hold, the more i get into my 'performance'.

and, yes, i got busted. i started laughing away at myself. the member didn't find it funny i was singing The Black Crows in his ear.

at least, my coworkers aren't looking askew at me, used to me sitting in my pod and singing to myself...

but now the song is going through my head AND WON'T GET OUT.

prettay li'il thang, let me light yo canda cuz uh momma im shore hawd to handa now...

and did i mention there was coordinated dancing to go along with my song?
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and as part of proof that it's not in my head, my right tonsil is swollen and now has pustule white spots on it.


and, ironically, i can sing fine, but can hardly talk. i wonder if people would be upset if i answered all their questions like i was in a production of Oklahoma?

i tried it on two coworkers already, and they weren't impressed.
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aubkabob got their NeoPet at

if i have two more people sign up, i get a reeeallllly cool thing that i've always wanted. so come hang out with me there and stuff.

*carts sick arse to bed*