November 17th, 2002

disco star

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*screams and pounds on her computer repeatedly*

this freaking thing keeps freaking crashing on me!!!!!

*cries and screams some more*

*hairs are pulled out*
disco star

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i normally don't do these, but i found this amusing:

The Subculture Label Quiz

brought to you by Quizilla

You are an.. OUTCAST! Nobody hates you, you just hate them. Or vice versa. You really don't like being around people, being by yourself is much better company. You are not accepted by the norm and are deemed "weird" or "freaky". You appreciate things that others don't, and you dwell in your indifference.

was there ever any doubt?

disco star

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watching the greatest howevermany best love songs of all time on vh1, somethign that i had pondered over for a long while struck me:

i find it truly annoying, as a musician, that so very many of the most popular singers out there never wrote their own music.

i mean, here i am, guitar in hand, wrackign my brain for something ANYTHING that resembles music to come out, so that i can get all the creative juices that have been floating around in my brain to finally explode in a blinding flash of brilliance.

... yet nothing does.

then i see how people like leann rymes and barry manilow and vanessa williams and all these other people that are uber famous just parrot songs given to them, and blammo, they have music (and in some cases, film) carreers.