November 22nd, 2002

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"Christians don't make lists.", pt. 1

Here is the first part of a 3 part dream i had with the same theme:

so, i had this dream last night, that i was asked to sing lead for a famous band. I was very excited about this, but the second they hired me, they started setting up for their first show. this alarmed me, as i knew they had been a trio for oh so very long, and had sung their own songs, and i hadn't practiced with them, and didn't want to step on any toes. so, i tried to take charge, in a lead singer sort of way. i squatted down in front of them while they were setting everything up and said "okay, this is what we're going to do. you guys will play without me for the most part tonight, i can sing on a couple of songs that i actually know the words to, since we don't have time to figure anything else out. after the show tonight, we'll start collaborating on new material, as well as delegating the different vocal and harmony parts of the old...." i went on with my listing, and started to say "while you guys are playing, i'll make a list..." although they had looked at me with trepidation so far, everyone froze. the girl turned to me and said politely "i'm a Christian. Christians don't make lists." It all came back to me, about how Christians were forbid to write lists, for some reason, and how dare i be so insensitive?!? i say "okay, i need to write this down, so i don't forget it.. " and stepped off the stage to scrounge for a pencil and paper. they commenced setting up their gear. i started giggling heinously, laughing so hard i was gasping for air. one of them called out 'are you okay over there?" i said between gasping giggles "yes! i'm fine! i'm laughing because i'm making a list about not making lists!!!" and erupted into laughter again. they all started laughing with me, and we became wonderful friends after that.
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"Christians don't make lists.", pt. 2

2nd part of the dream:

after our bonding session, and after the concert, we were walking around in the woods, and the guys had grabbed sleeping bags. i heard one ask another one "so, where do you want to sleep tonight?" i said "you sleep outside?" and they said yes, that one night a month, to commune with nature, they grab sleeping bags and pillows and just.. walk... until they find a place that 'feels' right, and then sleep outside under the full moon, usually in the woods. this was the most wonderful thing i had ever heard, and i was happy to be a part of them.
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"Christians don't make lists.", pt. 3

and the 3rd and final happy part:

later, walking under the full moon with one of the guys, we ran across a homeless guy, that was very distraught about something. i pointed him the direction he was going, and we started to follow. the guy stopped and asked why we were still following, after all, he is just a bum. i grinned, and said "aren't you just a little bit curious where, exactly, a 'homeless' guy 'lives'? don't you just want to walk down this road, not knowing where it might take you, but having the whole world in front of you to explore?" the guy was encouraged by my enthusiasm for the future, and we walked up the street behind the homeless guy, with the moon reflecting on the wet pavement....

it was a beautiful dream... *wistful sigh*
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so, does this mean i can't perform whatever i want this year, and that i'm stuck doing only "jingle bell rock"? bullocks.


Dear Talented Performers,

We would like to invite you to perform your holiday song from A Season of Hope at this year's Holiday Party extravaganza! This is a volunteer basis only, but we encourage you all to strut your stuff LIVE!

We will have use of Barcelona's stage and audio/visual equipment -- however -- they are not set up for karaoke. You would be using your original background karaoke music, but will not have access to the words scrolling on the screens.

If you are needing a copy of the karaoke music for your song, please let me know. I know that during the recording process, Tao used his equipment to adjust the music in a few of the songs for your voice range. Since we won't have karaoke equipment for this live performance, you are more than welcome to use a different version of background music for your song if this is an issue.

Please email me by Wednesday, November 27th if you are interested in giving a LIVE performance. We would really love to see both of the group performances as well!

If you have any questions about the background music or performance, please let me know.

Thank you,

Stacey Patrick
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(no subject)

not that you care, just so you know...

that whenever you go to or, there is a one in ten chance, maybe better, that i will be the one processing your cruise request.

if you PAY for a cruise on one of those sites, if i call you, it's bad news. either your request that you 'paid' for is not available, or you don't know how to pay your credit card bill.

thank you.
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(no subject)

so, wendy, the girl that sits next to me, has the country music station on. i hear the rascal flats song (dunno the title, but they sing 'the teardrops, they fall down like rain'), and:

#1: why the hell do i know who the hell the Rascal Flats are?
#2: and what possessed me to ask her to turn it UP?!?

i truly don't want to become a country music fan.