December 2nd, 2002

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i hurt. i really hurt. for those that didn't read last night's post, nutty and i walked briskly from just south of dunlap to just north of bethany home. it took us 3 hours.

i am a weenie. i do realize this.

i also dreamed last night, again, that i got my mandolin that i've been wanting. it was a moderate mandolin, but still not a very good one, and search as i might, i couldn't find any tapes/videos/instructors to teach me how to USE the darn thing. but it shore looked pretty.

the second part of the dream was me packing up my belongings at the end of a vacation, and needing to make it fit all into one bag, and making decisions to leave things behind, and only having a few hours to do so.

WHY am i having these dreams? i know that as soon as i realize what it means, they'll stop. usually, they'll only come once every few weeks, but this time, it was two nights in a row. night before last, i dreamed that i was living with my brother, my mom, and my brother's dad, and we lived in a huge old house, and i had to pack everything up, and only had one day to do it, so i was going through everything to see what i could leave behind.

i know that i'm supposed to be the dream interpreter guru person like thing, but even this has me puzzled....
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on another point, i forgot that today is VIP day... not only is it VIP, but it's also PICTURE day. i'm clad in a wrinkly grey long sleeved shirt with the buttons on the wrist undone, wrinkly pants, and flip flops. hair is in a bun in a clip, glasses on, zero make up.

at least, i'm content in the fact that EVERYONE ELSE in my department, (out of 12, only 1 has come in dressed up so far) forgot.

that, my friends, is the true meaning of 'teamwork'.
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you know what i miss?

why do they no longer have Circus of the Stars once a year? I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Rick Schroeder on a trapeze and the chick from Cagney and Lacey doing a lion tamer trick.

they just don't know what quality television is anymore.
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so, i went out sat night... it was one of those nights where you feel like everything you do or say is golden. i love nights like that, where you feel energized, everyone laughs at your idiotic jokes as if it's the best thing they ever heard... i couldn't decide what to sing, so i tossed in the Time Warp (which kinda pissed peyton off, and he sulked in his seat instead of singing along, cept the talking parts), and Rick Springfield's "jessie's girl", which was FUN to sing >:D only points of embarrassment was when i was getting WAY into a go go dance along with peyton's singing "can't get enough of you" by smash mouth and getting 'the look' from the waitress cuz she was waiting for me to sign for my tab... and then the same 'look' from the taco bell drive through guy, when i was displaying to peyton what had happened with same said go go dance.

and peyton, if you're reading this, two words: Moose. Hat.

anyhoo. so it's 61 degrees outside today, and they still have the air conditioning on full blast. i'm swathed in a thick winter coat, and my toes hurt. bleh.
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I've discussed it with Marcia and if you interested in performing another song in addition or in place of your Holiday CD song that will be fine.

Here is the agenda as of today. If you are interested in performing ANOTHER song, please let me know by Wednesday so that I can send out an updated agenda. Please note that they do not have karaoke equipment, so you'll need to bring your own music and will NOT have access to the words on screen.

1. Carol of the Bells (Angela, Katy, Ben, Chris)

2. Angela - Holiday CD song

3. Lovecora - Holiday CD song

4. David - Holiday CD song

5. Aubrey - Holiday CD song

6. Fermin - Holiday CD song