December 3rd, 2002

disco star

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i made a big sale ($100 + in profit) this morning... then had the guy call me back 5 minutes later and argue the rates.

which reminds, me, i've been wanting to post about the freaking cruise line industry scare about everyone getting sick.

Okay, take this scenerio: you have a kid, a very healthy kid. you send him to school every day. the parents down the street also send little timmy, who is coughing and snarking and hacking all over everything in sight, wiping his nose on his shirt or the back of his hand, then playing with the other school kids.

naturally, the other school kids will get sick, too.

take another scenerio: you are healthy, and decide to take a healthy plane trip to *insert place here*. bob jones with gastrointestinal flu bug viruseses climbs on board. days later, you get sick, but don't put it together with the fact that you may have been on a flight for 2 hours with someone else that was sick with it.

if it were truly a huge problem on the ship, then EVERYONE on the ship would be sick, not 100 people out of 2200.

also keep in mind that it's cold and flu season.

also keep in mind that this seems to happen every year at this time.

also keep in mind that you could be cruising on a surgical ship, it's so clean and dandy, but if one person with the flu or something of the sorts gets on board the ship....

gah. i freaking HATE the media sometimes.

*ends vent*