December 5th, 2002

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i had ANOTHER dream about packing last night. that makes it 3 of the suckers in about 4 or 5 nights. whatever my subconscious is trying to tell me, i think it's resorting to baseball bat tactics, truly.

this one, however, was slightly different. sure, the same thing about having a time limit to pack my things and get rid of all i couldn't carry with me, true. this one had a slightly different ending.

i got to see where i was going.

none of the other dreams had the end point, just that i had to pack, i had to toss out 80% of my belongings, that i had to leave, and SOON. not one of them had WHERE i was going, or seeing where i was going.

my destination in this dream was an old grey house. the insides were old, the vinyl crinkling up in places, the backyard overgrown and unruly. it was a dark grey house, with the faded wooded siding that is cracked in many places. it was a dismal looking house.

but i knew that it was MY house. it was MY fixerupper. i remember standing in the kitchen, hands in the pockets of my jacket, looking around at all the work ahead of me, and taking a biiiiiig sigh, thinking "well, i have a week to get out of the old place, I might as well start bringing things over now."

and then, there was a makeout scene with a guy.

but i think that last part was just gratuitous.
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speaking of frighten.. i just walked out ot my car to get my change so i could get something to much on, and across the parking lot, across the STREET, was a pretty, blonde little thing, standing in the door of her car, shrieking:

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I NEED YOU TO HUG ME!!! I NEEEHEEEHEEEEEED YOOOOU TO HUG ME! HUUUG ME! AAAAAAH! I NEED YOOOOU! I NEEEED YOOOOOU TO HUUUUUG ME HEEE HEEEEEEEE!" then blondie collapsed on the pavement, arms outstretched to a guy in front of her, standing all cool-like with his hands in his pockets. "HUG ME! HUUUUG ME!! I NEEEEEHHEEEHEEED YOOOOU. DON'T LEAVE ME! DON'T LEAVE ME!" Blondie clambored up to her feet and ran at Coolio, who swiftly dodged her, stepping out into traffic. She continued shreiking as i went into the building. en route, i said to a coworker 'i thought III had issues." he laughed, and said "that was what i was thinking."

who says love is dead?
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i guess i get an engraved name plate for my 3 year anniversary.

when it's almost my 4 year anniversary ;)

they asked what i wanted it to say, i said:

Aubrey A. Keating Goddess of All that is Certificate.

they said "..... um... . yeah."