December 9th, 2002

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this was a performance-filled weekend, to be sure.

saturday night, Drunk Prom Date pulled me up on stage to sing "Summer Nights" with them. The drummer had tried to make it only me, but the singer decided to pull every drunk woman in the bar up on the stage to sing with me.

downfall? i couldn't hear myself over them, and kept messing up on the words.

last night, i went to the Christmas party. i was convinced i wouldn't sing, because i had told them i wasn't going to be there, and snuck in the door. the coordinator person, stacey, flagged me down and asked if i would still sing, since she just may have the music i needed. "sure, if you have the music.." she said she'd get back with me.

she corners me 5 minutes prior, to let me know that yes, it's a go, BUT, it's a different version, and there's no way we can listen to it ahead of time. (at this point, i was pinned between her and the vice pres of the company, feeling very uncomfortable about it). i shrug and say "i'll figure it out..."

first horrid thing number one: the dj announces "AUDREY, PLEASE, COME UP TO THE STAGE. THE NEXT PERFORMANCE WE HAVE IS BY AUDREY."


so i climb on stage, in front of over 400 people, make an announcement that I should really get my name legally changed, since no one knows it ANYWAY... (no one laughed. they just.... stared.)

the music starts.

i realize, i have NO idea what the words are.

i make it through the first verse and think i'm going to come through it okay, when i realize i'm doing the 'second verse, same as the first' thing. i stop. i stare at the audience. the audience stares back. i grin and shrug and sing the chorus.

then comes the part where the tape has many people singing the chorus, and i have nothing to do for like a minute. i break into dance. the audience stares. i dance as i stare helplessly back at them, still shimmying up there on the stage.

it's finally over, and i RUN from the stage.

not the best debut of playing at Barcelona, i would say.
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disco star

one more post, and it's off to work with ye....

although it DID make me feel good that i was hit on by a not bad looking sober coworker last night at the holiday party within about a half hour of my arrival... ;) my hair was curly, pulled back just-so on the sides in lil sparkly clips.. i had my purplish blue dress on, and my roman bondage sandals... i didn't realize i LOOKED roman and 'classic' or 'vintage' until i had it pointed out to me many times ;) i felt beautiful for the first time in a LONG time. i was dressed classic roman in a crowd where everyone was sporting the 'little black dress' or red sparkly dresses. i stuck out. i had coworkers that never give me the time of day during work go out of there way to tell me that i looked wonderful.

i felt like a princess.

i had people do double takes, used to me being here at work, in frumpy, wrinkled clothes and hair yanked back in a sloppy clip, no make up, glasses... to being dressed like a GIRL, contacts in, make up done...

... and i carried my traditional Batz Maru silver lunch pail as my 'dressy purse'. i use it only for special occasions like that. in fact, when i opened it, i found last year's Christmas party invitation.
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